• “I have attended a number of workshops facilitated by Sampoorna Garine, the first one a two day workshop called Forgiveness, a path to freedom. At that time, I was recovering from depression and was in “therapy”, attending weekly group meetings and also seeing a counsellor. The exercises in Sampoorna’s workshop were simple but very profound and during the course of those two days something shifted for me. I think that everybody who attended that workshop benefitted greatly from it. By the end of the workshop, people were lining up to organise private sessions with Sampoorna and I remember remarking to a fellow participant that if she was my therapist, my depression would have gone months ago! I was so impressed by the foregiveness, a path to freedom workshop that I decided to attend her 21 day residential workshop in India a few months later called Essence. Essence is a Mind, Body, Spirit programme which incorporates deep psychological processes with a daily regime of naturopathic medicine, diet and treatments. People can participate from anything between 3 and the full 21 days. Other workshops that I would recommend are the Sound Journey which uses sound, movement and imagery exercises and Transformation, Story of a Bird where participants are guided by Sampoorna on a journey of self discovery, release and healing. To say that I think highly of Sampoorna and the work that she does would be an understatement. She has helped me enormously on my own journey of healing and empowerment.”


  • “I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and mentoring during the 5 days at Chrysalis. I really wasn’t sure why I was there, but I guess it pays to heed our unconscious and follow. I found the week enlightening and I have continued with many of the exercises since -particularly practicing daily the humming, sounds and the positive affirmations. I feel a lot more peaceful internally and I hope to continue on this path” – DL
  • “The journey was worth it. I came here wanting the journey to be simple and easy. I was still not aware of so much in myself. I have learned to take feedback neutrally in spite of my discomfort. I have to learned to discriminate between what is actually resonating and what is not. I have learned to recognize true crying for release, grief and rejection. I have learned to read people and body language. I have rediscovered my stillness. I am excited to recognize the beauty and wholeness in all my emotions. It is so easy to drop baggage. I released so much energy that was being used to suppress grief, rejection, and resentment. I am looking forward to being whole and complete at a deeper level and in deeper ways.” -DB
  • • A+A = amazed mum!!!
    The morning intention and visualization is sooper Kids at home from school owing to rains today. Never in 10 years have I had such a productive day with them at home. My work is getting done, am doing stuff with them, they are busy doing their own thing, eating healthy snacks to top it all off!!! My son has never eaten a papaya in his life!!! He has finished half and is begging for more – and I don’t have any left!!!
    Completed a 45 min session of affirmations and acupressure with kids!!! They were SO receptive. My daughter (8) has always been open to my practises but even then she surprised me by lasting so long and my son (10) blew me away repeating each affirmation 5 times and insisting I press harder with the acupressure points (he has very low pain tolerance)!!!
    What stunning changes you bring about in entire families!!! God bless. My friend’s belief for me (last day exercise) was with regards to bonding with my husband and kids and all of us together as a family. I thought I had it all after last year! This is truly a gift!
    My son said ‘Te Amo’ to me today. We were reading together (he reading to me!). The story has a boy whose mum is tutoring him in Spanish and she teaches him to say ‘I love you’. He turns to me looks me in the eye (he hardly ever makes eye contact) and says Te Amo – once in the middle of the story and then again before he fell asleep!!!!! The last time he said he loves me was when he was 6! He is 10 now. Big boy too bashful to express emotions!!!
    Thank you.
    Gratitude and love.


  • “Turnabout in my health. My doctor has stopped medication for diabetes that I’ve been having for 12 years now” – KP
  • “Big shift in my career and finances. Recognition, increments, promotions, foreign postings, I’ve got them all in this last one year. Things I had never even dared dream of. Can’t thank you enough. I am a proof of your work” – GD
  • “The benefits of the workshop are still unfolding for me after several months. Relationships at home are marvellous. Life is getting more and more beautiful each day, with new and lovely surprises. I love life now, Thanks. ” – SB


  • “I returned home from the workshop and miraculously, words began to flow. A fantasy became a reality as I began to write.” -
  • “I wanted more. I simply wanted more. I felt dissatisfied and cheated with what was being meted out to me by life. And today I feel my life is glorious. I have all that I want, be it travel, money, friends, satisfaction, joy . I have it all.” –
  • “I focused on the one thing I really desired with all my heart and I got it. I wanted to get married and had been looking for some years. Just two weeks after the workshop I was engaged and in a short time I was married. I love myself even more!” -


  • “Sampoorna, this has been a most amazing workshop for me. Forgiveness… for me was important..but I didn’t know how to forgive! You made that possible. I could deal with the resentment and rejection inside me… and with your support start processing to give it all up. You lead with great clarity and compassion. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Love and light, ” – LakhvinderBabbu Gil, Rishikesh Sept 2011
  • “I had a problem of varicose veins and low circulation in my legs for years. I knew the emotional reasons that had caused this restricted blood supply, yet did not know how to heal this. On the third day of the retreat, after one of the process, I felt lighter and happier. Later in the evening, when we went to the Ganga Aarti, while walking my legs felt more alive. I could feel a heightened awareness, and since then, each day I am feeling better and better. I feel fully alive. A very powerful workshop indeed!!!” – DA
  • I had entered this workshop as a 2nd year Bsc. Psychology student, to learn about Ma’am’s work and see how she was bringing about such amazing results. What I learned in this 2 day workshop was mind blowing. I did not even know such simple techniques can bring about such powerful changes. As a student, I probably learned more of applied psychology in this two days than I learned in college for 2 years. As an individual, I realized that there were things to forgive in my life that I was not even aware of! And best of all, I learned how to resolve them.
    As I am writing this, it is exactly 10 days since the workshop and I can confidently say that it has changed the way I look at different relationships in my life. It has also renewed my confidence in my decision to become a psychologist by showing me in real time how much transformation one person can bring about. Ma’am I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you so much for being a completely awe – inspiring yet down to earth person and for being such a patient and insightful teacher – Nandhini, May 2015

I look forward to each day and every day feels like a gift, I feel calm and in control of my life;Able to love the gray and dark side of me as much as the bright and shiny side –there is huge relief;I love her very much, glad to be rid of all that pent up bitterness;Cracked a joke after many years, nice to see my husband smile; I got my taste back after 10 years; Not a victim anymore, realize I can influence the outcome;

Prosperity – Does money grow on trees? (Patricia Crane, PhD)

  • “I was able to identify where my scarcity thinking came from. With a few quick exercises, that has shifted and now I am enjoying life’s abundance.” –
  • “I worked on a loss I had suffered from a burglary two years ago. On my way home I received a phone call from the police station saying they had recovered my stuff.” -

Ordering from the Cosmic kitchen

  • “I started a career late in life, to make ends meet after my divorce. I felt unrecognized at work and knew I would never be recommended for the coveted foreign posting, mainly because of my age. Within a week of placing my orders in the workshop, everything changed. I was officially given an award which was a sizeable amount and I was given the foreign posting that I desired so much. Everything began to work in my favour.”
  • “When I closed my eyes and saw the large amount of work and money come into my life, little did I imagine that it would really happen that fast. Before I knew it, I was flooded with most fulfilling work and large payments.”

The Significant Self workshop

  • “Lovely workshop – I am very grateful for having been able to come and participate. I felt the power of transformation especially during the process of guided imagery. What was brought home to me was the fact that if I looked within and worked on what needed changing inside of me, I could change my life situations. More of our destiny is within our control than we realize. Loved it all – thank you Sampoorna!” – G
  • “Myself and my wife we came here not knowing what this is all about, more skeptical. As the program progressed it was a wonderful, peaceful, calm feeling, a loving togetherness we felt as a group. Overall a great experience. We feel so much of change immediately” – GJ
    • “First of all I want to Thank Sampoorna. I came here with a heavy mind. I am going back light hearted. The experience is very great. I would like to come again” – R


  • As Sampoorna read the book I felt so much that this book was telling parts of my story and the work book give me an opportunity to delve into my emotions and helped me to really look at those parts of me which were holding me back and stopping me from journeying life with happiness and excitement . The book also confirmed to me that we are all on this journey together and we are all here to help each other – This is what Sampoorna is doing with her workshops and her book and she has certainly helped me. ” – M.B
  • “I experience much more patience with my mother and indeed with my partner when he asks “closed” questions, am so happy with the development. Much easier on me in terms of strong emotional response…so thank you for the input to encourage a turnaround with this issue.” – PC

The Sound Journey

  • “Focusing on myself through this sound workshop helped me release a lot of cluttered thinking. I felt a whole new way of healing myself. Opening up in this wonderful workshop and I was led through very powerful processes. Thank you Sampoorna for the Sound healing!” – G
  • “I am so glad I came for this. Its been a very enriching experience. It was so much fun and it works so deeply and yet totally efforlessly. I feel that I am leaving feeling very energised and complete. There is an amazing feeling of bonding with the group which is another special gift. Thank you Sampoorna.” – PA

Deliberate Creation

  • “I feel I have a magic formula. Things just work, so easy and simple. Not only I, but my entire family – my daughters and my friends now believe and enjoy the magic. We love our lives. Everything is going so perfectly well in my life, I cannot believe it was really I who was whining away before. ” – A
  • “I had affirmed for years for a loving relationship and no luck, stayed single. One little change in how to ask for what I desired and wow, there he was in my life. I am now in a brilliant loving relationship with just the right person. ” – SG
  • “I did not believe when told to put the intention of money into the circle and I still cannot quite fathom how, shortly after, work that I loved and money just poured in.” – C

Drawing yourself out series (Heather Williams)

  • “I feel like I can just be after doing the Self-acceptance workshop. It doesn’t matter who, what or how I am. I realise I am here to serve a higher purpose that I may not even be aware of. I feel gratitude and respect for my life now. Thank you for revealing this truth ” -
  • “I was steeped in allergies. During the Re-parenting exercise I had some strange answers that made no sense to me at all. My allergies have disappeared and I am now able to eat whatever I want.” -
  • “I had neck pain for some years. After the body wisdom workshop, I woke up the next morning feeling different. I realised that my neck pain that had become a part of me was no longer there. I couldn’t believe it and I did everything that would normally increase the pain. I lifted heavy objects and turned in ways that would have definitely brought on the pain. However, the pain was gone and it was after a whole week of testing that I finally accepted that I was now pain-free. It has taken me time to get used to the idea and to the new feeling.” -
  • “The Inner child in me feels full, complete and whole. It no longer seeks fulfilment through addictions. I have completely given up smoking without even making an effort. It just dropped after the workshop.” –


  • We are having our first family trip abroad. Everything seems just right. My husband said, once kids r bigger they will travel by themselves and the two of us will travel . The last part was so surprising from a man who had a great resistance
    In feeling and expressing emotions espcly towards me. I only worked on myself. And the changes r amazing.
    Thank you Sampoorna. –C
  • My friend came to the session yesterday and she worked on her and her mum. She took the first step today to call her mum over by going over to her mums place. Her mum was already headed over. They happened to meet midway in front of the temple (!). They spoke, they cried. This evening her mum is sitting in her house playing with the kids ( her mum has not stepped out of her house in weeks).
    Thank you for the amazing things you do.
    Gratitude, -S


    • I see abundance everywhere. When i came back home after completing my training, around 15-16 roses had bloomed in our garden. A single tomato plant was bearing more than 25 fruits.
      The total environment was so spiritual. The way you carried this seminar with your calm, quite and supporting presence, I am blessed.
      Geetha Nayak
    • Dear Sampoorna,
      I met a divine soul to make this magnificent journey of life in just 7 days. Wow! What a power and energy!! Only divine souls can take us on next level journey of life. You have done it with the magically mesmerizing voice. I am just attracted to your divinity. Thanks and lots of gratitude. Touch you feet for allowing me to process all my emotions and release it. I am grateful to Louise Hay , Patricia and all for creating wonderful lesions to uplift human souls and transform.
      Thank you all for the wonderful journey.
      A rebirth of new Smita, a divine soul!!!
      Dr. Smita


  • Sampoorna brings to her workshop, a sense of calm and really creates an environment where you believe you will get what you need . With her, you immediately get the sense that this is a master with whom you can trust the process. she possesses a rare quality of critical thinking combined with an ability to help us imagine . Indeed she keeps us grounded while at the same time ,encouraging us to fly – an amazing skill. So trust her, trust the process and enjoy your journey with her.
    Love, Sanjay
  • Dear Sampoorna,
    (Leading the first workshop as a new HYL workshop leader)
    End of day 1…a silence deep inside….no anxiety,nocuriosity…and no desire to find out anything….no sense of attachment to achievement and no analysis….I could have done this or that….no looking around to see who is clapping n who is not….no waiting for a thunderous applause…..an acceptance….and a happiness bursting forth from my sparkling cells….I am the centre of nothingness n shunyata.
    I bow to you….and surrender to the grace the universe is sending me through you.

Smile marathon :D
Marina beach pinning positive messages.
Sunday program
Dear Sampoorna,
It was a nice experience seeing your team in action last Sunday at Marina beach.
I was there to cover “the spirit of marathon” and found your objective of simply spreading happiness, to be similar to what running does to marathoners.
I am sharing my experience of your event…
As an amateur photographer, I had gone to Marina beach to capture the spirit of the chennai marathon through my lens. Amidst joyful running and enthusiastic by-watchers cheering people, the glorious sunday opened up.
While I was thinking of how the spirit of the marathon unfolded so well, I saw a new dimension open up. I saw a few people talking to strangers and pinning something on their shirts and all smiles on their faces. I was wondering what they could be doing? I took my lens and went towards them and saw that they were pinning badges on policemen’s shirts too and the policemen were smiling. I was there from 5 in the morning taking pictures of the marathon and for the first time I saw them smile. It happened to other people and then it happened to me too
After taking a few pictures I asked them what they were doing, they said they were spreading positive thoughts and happiness! Not a simple thing to do, but my immediate thought was “what a simple way of doing that!!”
The way people reacted with such genuine smiles and laughs, that too from such strict professionals like cops made it very special for me. It was a totally different picture to see cops laughing and smiling while on duty.
My mind went to the event of the day and I could see what the marathon wanted to do too, ‘spread happiness’!
Hats off to the people who make these kinds of smiles blossom.


  • 7 Nov 2013My 9 yr old who hasn’t sung a line since he was 3 was caught humming along with one of your songs yesterday. I, of course, pretended not to pay much attention and made a brief remark about singing loudly and balancing the hemispheres of the brain and how that works.
    Today, we were driving back from cricket coaching, just him and me, and he turns on your money song (this he can relate to) – by the time we reached home, we we’re laughing, singing loudly at the top of our voices and sharing a ‘moment’. Thank you.
    PS: He knows most of the words to almost all the songs and even has a favorite! I never would have thought!!!