Therapy Rooms:
Private, air-conditioned rooms are available in two sizes. Ideal for private, couple or family sessions, this space can be used for therapy, testing, reflexology, acupressure, sound healing and many more services.
Outdoor space:
A spacious 450 sqft covered area, its perfect for informal meetings, yoga, craft/diy classes, theatre and cookery sessions and more. Combining a perfect mix of relaxation, nature and privacy, this space encourages you to let loose and create.
Training Hall:
A large, well-lit and air conditioned hall with large windows to allow ample sunlight while still ensuring privacy and sound control. This 550 sq.ft space is ideal for training’s, workshops, classes and meetings, and can comfortably seat upto 70 people auditorium style or 30 people (for experiential and activity/movement based programmes).

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