International certification – Heal Your Life Training


The Heal Your Life Training® is a deep, fulfilling program that offers you personal growth along with creating a professional global career.


We look forward to having you join us in this life changing journey.


“The power is within you”
~Louise Hay

Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Certification Course


Authorized by Hay House, Inc. & Heart Inspired


Led by Dr. G.L. Sampoorna

We are pleased to announce the Heal Your Life® workshop leader training in India in May, 2016. 

This programme is authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay.

The Heal Your Life® Training is a powerful program for adding skills to an existing career or to start an entirely new one. The Heal Your Life® Training will open your heart to more love, expand your mind to the amazing possibilities for your life, nourish your soul, AND provide you with the materials and skills for sharing the Heal Your Life® work with others. Please join us in this wonderful journey, as we work together to heal the planet, one person at a time. We hope you can join us in May 2016.

The 7-Day residential program, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, is an intensive experience for your personal growth as well as professional training in conducting your own workshops and leading study groups. At the end of this transformational week you will depart enriched with a vision for your work, presentation & marketing skills, a certificate of completion, and two complete course manuals to immediately begin leading workshops & study groups.

In addition you will be listed on the Heal Your Life® workshop leader website.

How this training will benefit you :


People from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training: Therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, corporate trainers, HR professionals, etc. If you are familiar with the ideas in the books of Louise Hay, are applying her ideas principles in your own life with positive results, and have a deep desire to be of service and to share these ideas with others, you are eligible to attend this training. Although a background in counselling or experience leading groups is helpful, it is not required.

Since 1995, many people in the world are being trained to lead Heal Your Life® Workshop. They in turn have helped many thousands of people make wonderful changes in their lives. If this training calls to you, we invite you to attend the program and join this special group of dedicated workshop leaders.

Our Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training Program will equip you with everything else you need to successfully lead your own workshops.

When & Where

Dates : 21-28 May, 2016

Venue : Chennai, India

Fee in INR: Rs. 1,55,000 + 14% (or as applicable) Government of India Service

Register by 15th January 2016 and save Rs 20,000.

Register by 15th March 2016 and save Rs 10,000.

Deposit: The deposit amount to book your seat is Rs.45,000 only.

Note: If you saw the price and thought it too expensive for you, please remember that this philosophy is one of possibilities. Don’t let your thoughts limit you! If you are drawn to the training, there is a way to manifest the funds. Also, this training is an investment in your career and is intended to give you the skills to INCREASE your income.

The number of seats are limited. We encourage you to register soon if you would like to attend.


The full training course includes:

-  Two manuals with complete scripts, marketing information, flyers, and more for: a) the 2-day “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” workshop and b) a 10 week study course.

- We also go over how to offer FOURTEEN different short workshops (like Inner Child or the Mind/Body connection)

– Handouts and CDs that go with the manuals.

– Sessions on intuition, healing the body.

– Sessions on marketing.

– Presentation skills basics.

– Lodging (double occupancy). If you register late and there are uneven number of participants, you may have to take a single room at an additional cost.

– All meals.

– In-depth personal development work as well as training as a workshop leader.

– Follow-up by phone and email after the course

For more information and registration details,

Call : +91 98402 30151 (Sampoorna)

Email :


This programme is authorized by Hay House, Inc and approved by Louise Hay


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About Louise Hay

Louise L. Hay, the author of international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide. For more than 30 years, she has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self healing. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and many other TV and radio programs both in the US and abroad.

Led by Dr. G.L. Sampoorna

Trained as a Teacher-trainer by Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols, Sampoorna is authorized to train and certify Heal Your Life® workshop leaders in India.

About GL Sampoorna


Dr.G.L. Sampoorna is a certified Teacher-trainer of the Heal Your Life® workshop for India. She is a therapist, life coach, trainer and a teacher with over 30 years of experience. Formally educated in psychology, Sampoorna qualified in 2003 as a Heal Your Life® workshop leader and later as a Heal Your Life® Coach. Psycho-spiritual training in 1992 with LeRoys, France, introduced her to body-mind-spirit connection. An NLP trainer, she works with Dick McHugh in training NLP master practitioners.

Holding a doctorate in psychology in the area of forgiveness, she is a pioneer in Forgiveness work and research in India.

Sampoorna has been published by Hay House, USA in “Modern day miracles” by Louise Hay and friends, and is the author of “Transformation! Story of a bird”, a powerful self-help book. Her creative expression, in the form of inspired thought cards and CDs has impacted many lives.

Sampoorna practices mindfulness through vipassana meditation.

Sampoorna inspires people to access their inner wisdom, joy, love and well-being. Please visit

What participants say

Sampoorna brings to her workshop, a sense of calm and really creates an environment where you believe you will get what you need. With her, you immediately get the sense that this is a master with whom you can trust the process. she possesses a rare quality of critical thinking combined with an ability to help us imagine. Indeed she keeps us grounded while at the same time, encouraging us to fly – an amazing skill. So trust her, trust the process and enjoy your journey with her.

Dear Sampoorna,
There are many workshops that I have been to, both on the facilitator’s dais to being a participant, but to be a participant and learn how to be on the other side is powerful and wouldn’t have been possible without your energy that held us together, the love with which you uprooted the deepest depth in a left-brained like me and composure with which you held your emotions allowing, witnessing, processing and helping us release. You liberated the free spirit in us which was caged.

Dear Sampoorna,
Thank you so much for the wonderful Heal Your Life Teacher Training. It was the experience of a lifetime. So much of love and peace flowed during the whole workshop that I feel it in every cell of my body. What I have experienced here, I am now ready to share with many more. I am extremely grateful to you and already looking forward to do some more workshops with you for my inner growth. Thank you so much.

A beautiful and healing space created by Sampoorna is what I came to in the 7 days, changing every moment to Feeling, just being yourself and being able to express myself. I thank you for this experience.

Dear Sampoorna! This workshop and training has been a turning point of my life. Life suddenly seems more beautiful than it already is! The training has opened new doors in my mind and I have embarked on a journey of self discovery. I look forward to the adventure! I am taking home a heart ful of love and gratitude. Thank you!

Dear Sampoorna, Since I read your story in Modern Day Miracles, I had wanted to meet you and here I am.
Your presence is so full of light and it was my time to experience it and fill myself with it. This workshop has definitely been an affirmation, and it has affirmed the path ahead for me and there is amazing clarity. Love, love, Love your “monk” presence. Hope to work with you soon now,

Am totally speechless. If you want  to transform, your life- THIS IS IT. This is the best gift you can ever give to yourself. Never have I experienced  such profound, perfect and simply unrealistic love. You deserve it to yourself. After this, you will truly feel and experience such a level of awesomeness and completion, its beyond imagination. Am truly BLESSED.  Sampoorna and the team are simply the perfect antidote to anything you’ve ever wanted. Just go for it. Just do it.

I got in touch with the healer in me. It is the best gift I gave myself. I deserve it. My heartfelt gratitude to Sampoorna and team for creating this magical world for life to manifest.
Dr. Nimrat Singh

Sampoorna is able to create an environment where I felt safe, secure and at peace. (..) She lets one understand and process their own emotions, while resisting any temptation to preach. What a rare, unique and wonderful quality. Loads of love,
Lavin Ailani

With regards to the training, it appealed to me from the minute we reached the resort. And I still stand by my statement, it is, by far, the best thing I have done for myself to date. The week almost passed by too quickly, and I honestly do not remember when or if there was ever a time in my life when I have been that involved, awake and enjoyed any workshop.

I express my deepest gratitude towards you for being so patient, understanding, unwavering and being a huge source of inspiration. I learnt from you that doing a job and doing a job lovingly makes a world of difference.

In your powerful space, I realised the importance of gratitude, compassion and the essence of Life in totality. What were words in my spiritual lingo have been experienced at a level that everybody could experience for themselves.
You are angel who truly radiates LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION. Thank you contributing to my journey with myself! PRETTY PRITI was born again in these 7 days.
Priti Chopra

The space she creates to help participants get in touch with their purest, most authentic self is miraculous. The best gift she gives is letting people just be! This inspires people and lovingly, they come out with their best potential.