An Overview

A single child, born in 1956, Sampoorna was fortunate to grow up with ample sibling love and rivalry, in the nurturing space of a traditional joint family. The family, headed by her grandparents, included her aunt, uncle and sons, besides her mother and herself. The always welcome constant stream of relatives and house guests from towns and villages gave her an exposure to interact with different types of people. This offered her an opportunity from a young age to observe and understand people, their interaction, their moods and their differences. Dealing with people of varied temperament served in building up her resilience and taught her to relate with different personalities.

She grew up with the insight that each had their strength and weakness, with no two people alike and that they could still accept the differences and co-exist harmoniously. Her early upbringing taught her to recognize ‘difference, dissimilarity and variation’ as contributing to diversity rather than disparity. The strong connection with relatives gave her the perception of family as a community group, sharing, providing and being provided for. Sampoorna, though city-bred, was privileged to enjoy country life during summer vacations at her paternal grandfather’s home. She was born and raised in Madras, now Chennai, where she continues to reside, in India.

Seeing it as time away from play, hobbies and friends, Sampoorna had no great passion for studies. However, at the age of twelve, intrigued by human behaviour and the workings of the mind, and subsequent to a conversation with her mother on psychology, she excitedly explored the subject and made a decision regarding her future education. Life helped to follow it through to perfection.Sampoorna completed her M.Phil even as she was working in the field for several years. From her first-hand experience of the therapeutic power of love and forgiveness in her own as well as in clients’ lives, she is a pioneer in forgiveness work and research in India, with her doctoral research on forgiveness.Besides her formal education in psychology, Sampoorna, out of interest and of her own accord, underwent supervised training with Dr. Balakrishnan at the Government General hospital. The psycho-spiritual therapy training with Loic and Stephanie LeRoy, France in early 1990s introduced her to body-mind-spirit connection.Qualified for over a decade as a licensed “Heal your life” workshop leader and coach based on Louise Hay’s teachings, she is a licensed trainer for India of the “Heal your life” workshops, authorized by Hay House and Heart Inspired.Sampoorna qualified as an NLP master practitioner and trainer with Dr. Dick McHugh and worked with Dr. Dick Mc Hugh in training NLP practitioners.She trained as a “radical forgiveness” therapy practitioner with Colin Tipping. She trained in InterPlay with Cynthia Winton-Henry, founder, USA and Fr. Prashant Olalaker, co-founder, India. Her instruction in sound work was with such pioneers as Jonathan Goldman, Don Campbell and Joshua Leeds. As a self- taught artist she apprenticed under Bhagwan Chawan to hone her skills. Mindfulness is an integral part of her life that she practices through vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka.

Sampoorna is a sensitive therapist to clients who require remedial work. She is a perceptive life coach for those in search of personal growth and development. She is an experienced trainer for facilitators and workshop leaders. She is a caring teacher for students of psychology and counsellors who wish to hone their practical skills.Sampoorna has developed core techniques that have evolved through first hand interaction with her clients over close to three decades. Her expertise lies in her multi-modal approach where her keen perception and deep discerning ability come to the fore. Her approach is holistic, oriented towards well-being. The work is an amalgamation of techniques, methods and processes that are multi-disciplinary and bring together the best of the east and the west.

For example, a workshop may include some or all of the following – conventional methods such as psychotherapy, meditation, breathing, music, physical exercise; contemporary methods such as NLP, art, imagery, journaling, sound, movement, drama, laughter, nutrition; innovative methods such as gardening, play, silence, eating and story telling.With a vision to facilitate people to empower themselves, and identify and access the power within themselves, she has interacted with over 25,000 people across the world – with individuals, corporate employees, law enforcement staff and officers, education personnel, and the religious. Her clients and country visits are across the globe including USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, France, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and other countries in Middle East and Asia. She provides her services in person; through telephone; online courses; and has special in-bound courses for client groups from other countries.


Sampoorna explores life and work through her creative expression – she writes articles and books, she lets stories flow as a stream of consciousness, she unites paints with canvas and she allows poetry to pen itself on paper.”Transformation! Story of a bird,” that Sampoorna authored is a self-help book with a story and a workbook, published by St. Paul’s Better yourself books. The true story she wrote “Miracle of the heart” was included in the book “Modern day miracles” by Louise Hay and friends, published by Hay House, USA. Several of her articles have been published in magazines for adults and children. Her article on Forgiveness was published by National Council of Guidance and Education, Ireland.

Thought cards, book marks – Sampoorna’s art is an integral part of her work as it features vividly in these inspired cards and book marks of affirmations.

CDs – The affirmations sung to music have impacted many lives. The unique guided journeys and visualisations carry her poetic expression into her work.

Besides her significant professional contribution, Sampoorna is active in welfare work. She worked with battered women and was one of the key persons in setting up a home for women with HIV in 1990, one of the first in South East Asia.Practicing the principles she teaches.Sampoorna is able to bring a balance of work, prosperity, success and rest in her life. She travels widely and devotes time to friendship and leisure.
Continue to learn to live in the moment with awareness; integrate past experiences; connect with the Self; Share the wisdom of this learning with others.Explore the inter-relationship of body-mind-spirit. Conduct research testing practical, holistic, psychological therapy at emotional and physical levels. Construct specific programmes to treat disease and physical ill-health using a holistic approach with psychological processes as a base to foster well-being.Experience, share and spread a sense of well-being.


Doctorate in Applied Psychology. Thesis on “Impact of forgiveness intervention in fostering wellbeing”.Psycho-spiritual therapy and group work training as consultant to Evolution and Development, France.

Resource person for M.Sc Psychology, Institute of Correspondence education, University of Madras, Chennai, India.Psychological assessment on family dynamics in adoptive families, using projective techniques – A project with Indian Council for Child Welfare.

Psychometric testing – APAC consultants.Self-help column for Chatterbox, a children’s magazine and Eve’s touch, magazine on women.Behavior therapy to diagnose and modify maladaptive behavior and psycho-somatic disorders such as phobia, trauma, stammering, anxiety, depression, headache, joint pain, ulcer, allergy.Counseling and group process to facilitate healing and overcome loss, grief and separation anxiety.Personal, Marital and Family Counseling for harmonious living.Setting up a Home for women with HIV, providing shelter, counseling and vocational rehabilitation, as Trustee of Zonta Resource Center. The Home was the first with this objective to be established in South east Asia.

Paper on ‘Women’s Shelter-An integrated care model’, at the ‘International Conference on Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS’, co-sponsored by WHO, Red Cross and Red Crescent, at Montreal, Canada.

Identifying localities and organizing literacy programs for women, as trustee of Zonta resource center.Setting up and running a Short stay Home to rehabilitate women in distress as Executive Director of Aashraya.

Organizing a Pre and Post-operative Counseling program for cardiac patients at Pandalai Cardio-thoracic foundation.

Educational institutions like Madras school of social work, SIET Women’s college, ICFAI school of management, Meena Muthiah College, SRM College, SRM college of Occupational therapy, Academic Staff College (University of Madras), Staff of ICE (University of Madras), CSIM, Principals of schools run by Selations, Lady Andal school, Brindavan Public school, St. Aloycious convent school, Vidyodaya Higher secondary school, Kesari high school, Chinmaya International school, Church Park.Private Corporations – United India Insurance, Clariant BTP, Lanson group, Proscribe, Polaris Software, DSQ software, Magnacast, Lakshmi Machine Works, Indian Airlines, Parry and company, MRF, Colt computersGovernment institutions – Chennai petroleum Corporation Limited, Women police of Tamilnadu, Men police of Chennai, Tamilnadu District men police, CID Crime branch, Tamilnadu Water/ Sanitation project managers, Tamilnadu State Resource centre, TN Water/Sanitation project managers.Interactive, activity-oriented, experiential workshops and trainingPolice Departments:Sensitizing women police to victims – Equipping 1000 women police of Tamilnadu, with skills in rapport building, listening and empathy.Stress, Anger, Time, Health management – 7000 Chennai Men police over a three-year periodSensitization to gender differences from the psychological perspective – TN District men policeSelf-esteem and stress management – Crime branch, CID.Adult (Corporations and Institutions) Workshops – Counseling and self-concept, Preventing burn-out, Introduction to psychodrama, Listening and body language, Communication, Motivation, Power of the mind, Re-fueling the engine, Orientation course for lecturers, Soft skills training, Empowerment of women, Relationship building among corporate executives and spouses, Participatory communication, Anger, Stress and Time management, Decision-making, Strengthening Identity, Conflict resolution, Leadership and Growth.Adult Open Public Workshops – Forgiveness: Path to freedom, Love yourself, heal your life, Self-awareness through the non-dominant hand, The Significant Self, The Sound Journey, Abundance, Essence Workshops in India, Ireland, Australia, USA.Children, Adolescents and young adult workshops – Self awareness, Self-concept, Assertiveness, Leadership, Communication, Time management, Study skills, Memory, Concentration, Creative thinking, Attitude enhancement, The Turn, Personal growth and Holistic development.

With Louise Hay in Australia


With Dick McHugh and Giorgio Mennini


A hug from Wayne Dyer


Certificate time at NLP, Mumbai with Dick McHugh and Giorgio Mennini


InterPlaying with Cynthia Winton-Henry at Denver (InterPlay)


Master artist Bhagwan Chavan’s abode in Cholamandal artists village, Chennai


With Armelle Didier and Stephane Le Roy from France, in Chennai


With Dick McHugh


With Rick and Patricia, (Heal your life workshops)
Licensed teacher-trainer for India of “Heal your life, achieve your dreams” workshops based on Louise Hay philosophy (USA). Licensed workshop leader and coach of “Heal your life, achieve your dreams” workshops based on Louise Hay philosophy (USA).Certified master practitioner and trainer of NLP trained and worked with Dr. Richard McHugh. Training practitioners in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)Interplay practitioner, sound work practitioner.Training workshop leaders – Heal your life workshops, The Significant Self, The Turn for Teens, Transformation! Story of a bird.A 33 year track record in counseling, therapy, coaching and training, for thousands of people across the globe, ensures vast experience combined with excellent results.