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  • The Significant Self
    This short one-day workshop helps you achieve all this and more. You learn to open up yourself, allow yourself to change and welcome growth.

    February 14th,   2016
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  • Forgiveness: Path to freedom
    Begin the year with a gift to yourself - of choices, freedom and release through the simple, powerful path of forgiveness. .

    January 15th - January 17th,   2016
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  • Transformation - Story of a Bird

    TRANSFORMATION! The Story of a Bird is a reflection of anyone's life story. The reader easily glides along as the bird meanders through life and inadv..

  • Guided Journeys

    Get transported to a deeper and quieter space through these guided journeys : Path to growth, path to acceptance, path to connectedness, reclaiming bl..


    Play with the brand new deck of 30 cards. Allow the words to help soften resistance and take you closer to fulfilling your heart's desire...

  • BOOKMARKS - With positive messages

    Take a peek at the special message on your bookmark as you snuggle in with a book...

  • HONOURING MYSELF - A set of 24 cards

    Honour yourself with these simple affirmations. Leave these soft, pastel cards on your table and let their gentle words soak into you. Use this set o..

  • The Significant Self, songs and visualisations

    Songs - Trusting myself, Power in my world, Love and joy. Visualisations - Inner child, Mirror of love, Future self...

  • Magnetic Paper

    Have fun drawing and colouring your own personal affirmation magnet...

  • Living Playfully

    A set of 12 beautiful guidance cards on handmade paper - to remind you to stop taking life so seriously. To remind you to release tension, to let go, ..

  • Living Love thought cards

    Living Love thought cards set - A set of 25 cards reminding us of our true essence, which is love...


Wouldn't it be nice...

If I remained the ideal body weight.

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GL Sampoorna - Life Positive workshop
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